Commercial Grade Gateway

The casaIQ Commercial Gateway is designed specifically for large buildings and serves as the cornerstone of the casaIQ ecosystem.

It plays a pivotal role in connecting and overseeing all casaIQ smart devices within extensive structures, effectively bridging the gap between these devices and the casaIQ platform.

Key Features for Large Buildings:

  • Streamlines monitoring, management, and automation of your expansive property.
  • Establishes a secure and stable network infrastructure, ensuring consistent communication and coordination among casaIQ devices.
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing network setup, facilitating a smooth transition.
  • Simplifies installation and setup processes, making implementation hassle-free.
  • Provides centralized control and access through the casaIQ mobile app, ensuring easy management of all connected devices.
  • Unlocks advanced functionalities such as scheduling, scene creation, and remote control.
  • Elevates the overall smart building experience by serving as a centralized hub for casaIQ devices.
  • Promotes a streamlined and efficient smart building ecosystem.